Children’s experiences in their early years create strong foundations for learning in later life. At Humming Bees Day Nursery, our inspiring and well-planned learning environments help to make every day exciting.

Our caring and dedicated practitioners support your child’s learning throughout each stage of their development, so that when they progress to school they are confident to make friends, excited to learn and can think creatively. 

Our baby room is located downstairs within convenient proximity to the kitchen, two baby change areas and has its own dedicated sleeping space.

Tucked away in a quiet corner, off the end of the baby room lies our specially designed baby sleep room. Painted in soothing deep blue, this cosy nook can sleep up to six babies with a range of sleeping equipment from cots to mats to ensure that each child gets the rest they need in an environment that best suits them. The sleep room is connected via an open arch to the baby playroom, meaning that our sleepy ones can rest in peace and quiet, whilst still being kept safe and secure by our watchful staff. 

Every room is temperature controlled throughout the year to provide the optimum comfort and safety. 

Bedding is provided by the parents (with spares at the Nursery if needed) to ensure maximum hygiene, and also so children are resting on familiar fabrics washed with a detergent that suits their skin.

Our Baby Room is themed Birds, Bees and Bugs – encouraging our little ones to sit up, keep moving and find joy all around. 

This room features a wealth of age-appropriate toys and equipment set up in a traditional homely layout, to promote an atmosphere of “home from home”. 

Our comfy armchairs and secure, floor based storage units provide the perfect opportunity for babies to pull themselves up and scoot, developing those important gross motor skills. Our ever-changing selection of toys, puzzles and games have been specially chosen to encourage fine motor skills such as grabbing, pinching and gripping. All toys are rotated regularly to provide a fresh, exciting play experience on every visit. 


Ahead of a child’s first session, we ask parents to complete our “getting to know you form” where we can ensure we’ve got a comprehensive record on your baby’s home life and routine. Using this important information, we can transition your child into their Nursery adventure smoothly and with as little disruption as possible. This includes feeding and sleeping schedules; which we will follow as they are done at home. Breastfeeding and cloth nappies can be accommodated, please just let us know!

We ask parents to give us any milk (formula or expressed) which we store safely in our kitchen, all snacks and other meals are provided by us; freshly prepared in our 5 star rated kitchen!